A cool artist: Emily Carr

So today I want to talk about a cool artist, Emily Carr. She was a Canadian artist who's known for combining a Modernist and Post-Impressionist painting style. Emily Carr painted many forest scenes near the end of her life. In her journal, she wrote “What do these forests make you feel? Their weight and density, their crowded orderliness. There is scarcely room for another tree and yet there is space around each. They are profoundly solemn yet uplifting joyous. You can find everything in them that you look for, showing how absolutely full of truth, how full of reality the juice and essence of life are in them. They teem with life, growth, expansion…” She had a very interesting outlook on what forests could mean. I am a big fan of this quote from her. Unfortunately, it wasn't until later in her life when she became popular. She is now recognized as a great Canadian painter.

Emily Carr

Emily Carr: Mayberry Fine Art

 Some Of Her Art 

Below I have posted some of her art. The first one Deep Forest is one of my favorites. The Forest almost looks alive, she had a gift for this type of scene. I have also included some great resources at the bottom. Click on those to learn more about her! She is certainly a fascinating artist that more people should know about.

               Deep Forest: Vancouver Art Gallery             

Learn More!

If You would like to learn more about Emily Carr look at these links!

This is the official Vancouver Art Gallery site.

This is a great resource to learn more about her!


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