This Day In History: Eggnog Riot

Here is a new thing, this day in history! Where I talk about big events that happened on a particular day in history. So without further ado I will get on with it! The Eggnog Riot happened on December 24th on 1826. It remains as a part of history widely unknown. This whole situation occurred at West Point. This riot became chaotic with over 80 participants! It definitely is something I did not know about. However after some research I saw how fascinating it was! Read below to learn how this situation came to be!

What Happened?

The incident occurred at West Point, Back in that time drinking was done quite often there. Around the holidays it was a tradition apparently for the cadets to drink eggnog. However in 1826 Colonel Sylvanus Thayer banned the consumption of alcohol on West Point property. This went over about as well as one would expect it too. On Christmas eve a lot of the cadets smuggled in 3-4 gallons of whiskey. Around four in the morning an officer was awaken by the loud party. He checked it out to find a handful of drunk cadets. Then the officer went into another room that also was partying. He got into an argument with a drunk. One of the cadets declared that they would kill the officer his name was Ethan Allen Hitchcock. After this is when the riot began with almost 80 cadets taking part. No one was killed however there was assault on two officers and property was destroyed. 19 cadets were expelled for this. The building where this incident happened was destroyed. As an aside one of the participants in this riot was future Confederate States President Jefferson Davis. This little incident is definitely an interesting part of history!


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